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Floor Maintenance


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Floor Maintenance tips from Skip's Custom Flooring

  • Abide by ALL manufacturer installation requirements, see warranty.
  • Abide by ALL manufacturer cleaning/maintanance requirements, see warranty.
  • Use pads or castor pads for furniture making contact with flooring.
  • Use mats at entry from outdoors and garages to minimize tracking in dirt, soil, and oils.
  • Sweep frequently to remove particles before they are walked on.
  • Vacuum frequently to remove particles before they fall below the “pile” surface. Note – some vacuums are overly aggressive and may damage the surface of your carpet.
Shaw’s R2X® Stain & Soil Remover is recommended for all types of spot cleaning. With R2X there’s no rinsing! Simply scrape any solids up from the floor, spray, blot, wick and repeat as necessary. R2X doesn’t leave any messy residue so it doesn’t attract soil later.
  • On hard surface flooring, never use a wax, polish, or oil soaps, nor vinegar or ammonia, as they may damage the finish and or wear layer.
  • Do not use steam cleaners on hard surface floors.

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