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Why Hallmark Floor Finish Technology… it is Simply Better.

When Hallmark Floors was building its factory, it was imperative that we find the very best finishes and finish equipment. The intent was to produce world-class floor finishes that will be a delight to look at, live on, and own.

Smooth Finish Line: This line is 400 feet long, and it contains 12 coating stations and 12 sanders. We apply 12 coats of UV-cured polyurethane to our smooth-finished products (Hacienda), and 12 coats of low-matte to our Moderno. The first two sealer coats which are applied contain the aluminum oxide additive. Coats three through ten receive coats of UV polyurethane. Coats eleven and twelve are a proprietary wear-resistant surface that will maintain the look and luster of the floor for many years to come. Many manufacturers do this in three or four coats… not at Hallmark Hardwoods. The extra investment in machinery ensures the finish can be applied in very thin applications, virtually eliminating undesirable finish problems such as cloudy finish and orange peel.

Hand-Scraped Finish Line: This line is 300 feet long; it contains nine coating stations and nine sanding machines. We apply nine coats of a slightly thicker application to our hand distressed products (Heirloom Chaparral and Sliverado). This is done to give the finish weight and produce a good flow into the hand scraped-faces. Even though we use fewer coats on the hand-scrapped products, the amount of finish on the surface is the same as on smooth finished products.

All Hallmark Hardwood Floors finishes are CARB II compliant and do not off-gas toxic fumes. Our finishes have ultra-low levels of VOC (volatile organic compounds).

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