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How to get the most from your hardwood flooring

It's so exciting to be shopping for hardwood floors that you may not even realize everything you have access to with this material. For instance, in addition to the amazing beauty and classic timelessness of this material, you get plenty of ways to truly personalize your look. This helps to match your decor and interior design and makes a great impression in entry rooms such as foyers and living rooms. And you certainly can't forget the amazing lifespan that comes with the product as well.

Skip's Custom Flooring is family owned and operated and we take great pride in the quality of both our products and our services. With showrooms in Dansville and Canandaigua, NY, we serve the communities of Canandaigua, Dansville, Naples, Rochester, and Victor, NY. You can also shop online, choosing from square foot or carton price, because we strive for whatever is most convenient for you. We look forward to having you visit so that we can get to know you and help provide the flooring you'll love for years.

Hardwood is an investment you won't regret

The lifespan that comes with hardwood flooring makes it a perfect investment that pays for itself over time. With an average lifespan of 100 years or more, you'll never have to replace it. Even if you're planning on selling your home, having this material in place will help you get a higher sale price once a sale is finalized. The truth is, those searching for the perfect homes are always willing to pay more for homes with hardwood flooring installed.

When it comes to personalizing your floors, you have plenty of options. First, you'll choose a wood species. This is a major decision because the species must match your in-home traffic levels to be able to meet its expected lifespan. Choose from oak, hickory, or cherry, just to name a few. Each species has its own personality, so one or two will definitely be better for you than all the others will. You'll also get to choose a decor-matching stain color and a finish of your choice.

There are also some very important things to remember when choosing hardwood floors. For instance, they can never be installed below ground, such as in basements. You must also make sure they have time to acclimate before they are installed. The acclimation period can last from one to three days, but make sure you don't skip this important process.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Dansville, NY from Skip's Custom Flooring

Benefits of hardwood flooring

  • Adds value to your investment with a custom look and feel
  • Indoor air quality improves, allergens are not trapped in carpet
  • Renewable product, environmentally friendly
  • Some collections are radiant heat compatible

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